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A Ride For Bluesjeans.

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KLIK :-D :-D
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On 2006-11-09 06:50, Limey wrote:
KLIK :-D :-D
Jeremy Clarkson my hero..! Hey Limey, do you guys get Top Gear over there in the States..? That's gotta be one of the best shows on the BBC today AND the best auto enthusiast show of all time..!
On 2006-11-09 07:13, cheapbastard wrote:
I was think'n last night, ol' Bluesjeans has been lurk'n fer quite a while with no bike. So Bluesjeans, when ya gonna git yer speedy???
O'l Bluesjeans will have to keep lurk'n and enjoying all of your great Triumph stories while he puts his dreams on the back burner for a little while longer..
My 86 year old (young) mother wants to come out and visit me here in Switzerland for a few months again this year. Last winter it was for 3 months so I'm guessing she'll do the same this year as well. Of course she wants to travel to Paris and maybe back home to Glasgow too so loving son Bluesjeans will be of course footing the bill again. As much as I'd love to have that new bike, each year I think maybe this might be the last one with Mom (Dad passed away about 18 months ago). Sorry guys but I got an important priority, that's what "loving sons" do..
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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