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A funny thing happened on way to BMW shop

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.....Well actually just after the BMW shop.

I wadded up my '04 Guzzi real good last month in a spectacular high side ( so the dude behind me claimed ) and need to replace it.

I was fairly set on getting one of those big, new BMW GS's and, so went for a test ride and LIKED..... then they priced it for me :eek: Well we already have a couple of Triumph's in the garage (my 675 & wife's '03 Bonnie) and wasn't necessarily looking for another...... then I remembered how much I loved the look of the new ST evertime I saw one at my ususal shop.

A couple of test rides later ( I tested the new 1100 Ducati Multistrada w/Ohlins in between ) and I'm signing on all the dotted lines.....dang, that bigger bore Triple is sweeeet.

ABS, hard bags & heated grips at $7200 US less than the GS........ The Sprint ST has to be one of the best values out there -IMHO.

Just had my 500 mi. servise and hope to get 600 + miles on it this weekend.

No regrets.


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Congratulations Dave,
You certainly will appreciate that sweet mill and in my opinion it is the best all rounder around at the moment. Useable power every where makes it an incredibly easy machine to ride.

Good luck and good onya! :)

DaveM :cool:
Where did you get it? Central Cali.....Wilson's?
Congrats on adding to the Triumph stable and a mighty fine steed it is too!

Enjoy the touring with some twisties in the middle - they excel at that :)

Where did you get it? Central Cali.....Wilson's?
Yes, been dealing there for years and have nothing but good to say about them....can't always say same about other shops.
Dave-Congrats on the new bike. I work at Wilsons and agree with your choice of bikes and shops. I bought my Sprint in June and they just installed my heated grips (along with my air horn and HID highbeam) the same time as yours. Radar detector and GPS hook up next. Suspension and exhaust after that. I continue the pursuit of the perfect Sprint. :cool:

I would agree.

Posting my first 10 to be able to PM Pierre for the manual. Picking up bike tomorrow. 10,300 out the door for demo w/ 900 miles, but has ABS. I am very happy at 8999.00 plus fees. In the showroom and mint. I'll be back to tap the knowledge fountain here. Thanks!
Congrats on a great bike! Try not to trash this one okay? :hammer: :razz:
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