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If the front and rear plates have different maker's names in small font, then either the front ot rear end has had an accident - probably..
As for manufacturers ID on the plates.
Regulations where tightened up, some time ago to prevent the practice of cloning vehicle ID`s. so now the shop that makes up a set of plates must be licenced. So that when the plates are made they should carry the name and post/zip code of the store.
When you go to an auto store to get plates made up you have to take documentary evidence with you, to prove you own the vehicle, such as personnel photo ID (passport or Driving licence) and vehicle documents V5 log book (pink slip). This info if written down in a record book.

There is however a grey market for "show plates" that people use, but risk a stop by the cops

for other info check out the DVLA website
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