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a day on duty in iraq: meet 'dre

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hi guys,
our good friend johanna's brother has been home from iraq for a bit now and wanted to share a few photos he sent me. 'dre is a great guy with lots of stories about his (extended) stay ion iraq, and i thought i'd share just a couple of notes.
(there's a photo in the link here that has a guy standing in a blast hole. it was their job to find what kind of mortar did the damage - which they did find)

a day in the life...
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Tell Dre that we used a q36 in bosnia for counter sniper operations. I f#ckin love those guys. Saved me a lot of work and made my job a helluva lot safer.
I noticed you live in san francisco. If you want to bring them over to downtown modesto, I work at the speakeasy and would gladly buy him a beer. If not, tell 'em thanks. Those things (q-36's) are worth their wieght in gold.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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