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A few weeks ago, one of my regular gear suppliers sent me an offer for a pair of Sidi Astro short boots. As it happens, I had been thinking about buying some new short boots because my old Diadora Express boots are getting pretty long in the tooth, so I made the purchase.

I bought the, apparently now discontinued, black and white version seen here. These boots are extremely light weight and comfortable for all-day standing and walking, hence they would be a good choice for those who want a boot to wear to work, especially in the all black color.

Honestly, the black and white color look, at a casual glance, like hightop sneakers, which may not be the look you are hoping for. Sidi claims they have a shock absorbing heel cup and ankle ball protection. I agree, but it is definitely a limited amount of protection. Nevertheless, I'm sure they are considerably better than a pair of Chuck Taylor's and they are definitely much more comfortable than a race boot like Sidi's Vortice, which I also own.

Similar to the Vortice, they use a reel and cable closure system, rather than laces, which are common on many short boots. I can testify that this works well for ease of entry and exit as well as optimizing the fit.

The boot comes with a fairly flat, hard insole, similar to Sidi's race boots, which probably optimizes control feel. I added a gel insole to optimize comfort, since I didn't plan to be riding hard in the Astros.

After several rides of varying lengths and wearing them around the house for most of a day, I believe these are a good choice for casual street duty, especially if you plan to include a substantial off-bike component.
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