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It took me three tries but I finally made a bracket that worked out so I went with it and wrapped it in vinyl. I hope the vinyl holds up but it seems durable enough.

I temporally put everything together and the only way the throttle cable would fit was if I rerouted it through the frame and behind the top yoke. There seems to be enough slack but I wanted to ask anyone who has been down this road before if I might have any problem routing it this way after I put everything together. I’d rather order a longer cable now if I have to.

Also, can anyone suggest a good brand and source to buy a brake line for the T595?

The gauge sits a bit high from the headlights but I think it looks a little better in person. Still though, I'm not sure about it so I may mess around with it some more. I haven't ruled out just getting the OEM bracket and sticking the brick of gauges on, plugging everything in and calling it a day.

I have a lot of wiring to do with this setup and it looks like the Daytona gave me more than I need so I’ll have to make some new connectors. Any hints from someone who has done this before are appreciated!...meanwhile I shall search.

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