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The other day I was ready (I thought) to start-up this latest rebuild.
Ah, I`ll just top up the oil to the Max level.
There are 2 half-full oil containers in the garage.
One contains virgin oil, the other contains various fluids...old sump oil, paraffin, ATF, brake fluid, urine...etc.
You guessed it, wrong one.
Bugger, have to drain the oil again.
After removing the drain plugs and oil pressure release valve, a revelation!
I tipped most of the excess (mostly cleanish) oil off, only to find at the bottom, a sludgy mess + bits. Looked like thick oil scotch broth.
There were bits of broken valve collets, sprinkled with sparkly metal filings. (not as bad as "Looseparts" thread).
It looked like when I did the original drain.
I have cleaned the various components in paraffin and filled the oil tank with it. I have stuck a big long bottle brush in the orifices and worked it about. Tomorrow I`ll drain the paraffin and refill with cheapo oil and give it a few kicks for circulation...then repeat, finally fill with good oil and off we go. (In theory).

Now for a serious question, if all goes well and after the flushes, the oil is clear. Should I start her up?
Or, split the engine case and start anew? [been trying to avoid doing this...all building done with engine in the frame, dread to think what the bottom end looks like].
BTW, I think this T120V has been seriously maltreated/crashed in past, left side is not right somehow.
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