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A-9s custom brackets for custom mini speedometers

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All I can say is WOW. He sent me 2 black brackets [one split for wiring,one solid] at no cost for the parts or the shipping. I used the split version since my wiring was already installed and it went on in minutes,nice,tight and secure. A very cool way to get rid of the bulky Triumph stuff and the perfect end to a crappy work day. :upthumb:
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That stuff at Mike's XS is badass.
Hey guys, how is the vibration on the instruments with the rubber mounts?
Here's the answer to the turn signal issue. Just go to your local Radio Shack and pick up 2 diodes. They'll have them in little drawer probably toward the back of the store. They look like little cylinders. Solder them in just like shown in the diagram I have linked HERE. Then both turn signals will work and trigger the indicator light. It's pretty simple once you know how, but it took me forever to figure it out. Good luck. All the other hook ups should work just fine. The only one that doesn't work without the diodes is the turn signal one. I wrote down somewhere how every wire should be hooked up to stock. I'll find it and post it here.

I have the speedo from mikes already wired up, my bracket kinda sucks, I wouldn't mind one of the ones you made. It looks a lot better than mine. What would I need to do to get my hands on one. I don't need the slotted one cause I can just disconnect the wiring harnes.

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Appreciate the comments - pm me with a shipping addy, I'll get one out to you - small production run should be shipping about two weeks or so...



I have the speedo from mikes already wired up, my bracket kinda sucks, I wouldn't mind one of the ones you made. It looks a lot better than mine. What would I need to do to get my hands on one. I don't need the slotted one cause I can just disconnect the wiring harnes.
Ahh. What an obvious solution. Diodes only allow current to flow in one direction. Both sides flashed when the wires were connected together, because one was sending 12v back to the lights on the opposite side. Thanks
you got it loxpump!!!
Some of my 1970's Military Avionics training come back to me ocassionally.
Do the stock bulbs have built in diodes or use special bulbs of some kind? I tested my stock bulbs and they all 4 work as an indicator light, so I assume they all 4 are the same bulb. Originally the left and right signal wires were both hooked up to the light directly, so I wonder if the bulbs are different.
Finally finished! For $1.59+tax I wired a pair of diodes in and now have a pair of beautiful new small gauges, with fully functioning lights. Thanks adamoverdrive, for the diode advice. And especially D9 for the brackets. I can't wait to test them out! Perfect timing too since we have snow in the forcast for tomorrow.
Lox,its rained EVERY DAY here,since I got the bracket. :mad:
glad to here it worked out for you. It's so simple to do, but not very easy to figure out why it has to be done. Especially since most people (myself included) don't have an advanced knwoledge of how electrical currents work and what all those little components do. I spent hours hooking those wires together every which way possible. Everything would work perfectly except for the turn signals. I even e-mailed Mike XS (the guy I bought the speedo from) thinking the Speedo was busted. Once I figured out the diode thing it was golden.
Update and apology. First I`m sorry for for using A9 in the title instead of D9.[what a marroon]
Second,the bracket works great.Not a hint of vibration is passed on to the gauge,its rock solid under real world riding conditions,and is beautifully made with ultra tight tolerences.Seth is a true craftsman and a helluva nice guy. Steve
I'm slowly getting all the components together to do the same. Have you got all the lights in the speedometer working alright?
I got all my lights working great. Diodes are the trick. Even took it for a chilly test ride to town. A road test of the dual gauge setup with separate brackets complete and they were rock solid, and look fantastic!
I'm keen bean for the whole kit too!
I've been trying to sort something out with these silly instruments for the visually impaired for ages.
I could see the speedo at MikesXS but not the tacho that you have up to 8k - they only show the ones that go up to 12k.
Actually I need Kms not Mph for the speedo...
These brackets look terrific. I hope you don't mind if I post a link to this thread in the Triumph Twin Mod Links Page. Those mini speedos really clean up the front end - makes you want to do something about those pumpkin-sized indicators though. Maybe I'll flick through to your indicator shortening thread. I've got a bit of a slow week ahead of me, so I might have a go at making a couple of your bar-end mirror brackets too.

I'm also curious to see what can be done to improve the position of the stock gauges, though I'm sure that you'll have quite a bit more room to play with than the rest of us, having already lowered your light. Mind you, those mounting lugs on the yoke come up a fair way and, if you went the way of mounting the gauges from bellow the yoke, the coresponding holes in the lower surface come in at a pretty sharp angle and there would still be the upper lugs to tidy up somehow - short of a bit of grinding and powder coating. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Meanwhile, I'd still love to see if I could incorporate an oil pressure and/or temp gauge into the face of the tach somehow (in a similar way to which the lights are mounted within rod's and lox's speedos).
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I got the tach off E-Bay, not Mikes XS. I believe the tachs from Mikes are all cable driven, not electronic. I only got the speedometer from Mikes. He also sells both MPH and KMS gauges both in black and white faces. Sorry I don't remember who on E-Bay sold the tachs, but if it helps he sold them as a HD tach.
if anyone does this swap and wants to sell the black faced tach off of a bonneville let me know. I really want to pick up one to replace the white faced guage on the Thruxton.
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