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A-9s custom brackets for custom mini speedometers

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All I can say is WOW. He sent me 2 black brackets [one split for wiring,one solid] at no cost for the parts or the shipping. I used the split version since my wiring was already installed and it went on in minutes,nice,tight and secure. A very cool way to get rid of the bulky Triumph stuff and the perfect end to a crappy work day. :upthumb:
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Here's my Speedometer/Tachometer set up, with two of D9's individual brackets.

Both with and without blacked out lower sections.

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All is hooked up but the turn signals. I had this gauge hooked up and working and thought I marked all the wires before I took it off to attach the brackets. The turn signals had two green wires going to the original light. The new gauge has two also but if I remember I had to hook the two green ones together to get the indicator to light when both left and right were used. One wire is hot when the left is on and the other is hot with the right. Now if I hook them together both flash. Needless to say I had to get fuses today so I could finish the wiring, but I'm confused.
P.S. Thanks a million D9!

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It wouldn't bother me as much either if I hadn't had it wired up and working with both left and right signals before I removed it to install the final brackets. I cut the wires leaving a section of wire attached to the speedometer wires, thinking it would make it a no brainer. So much for that idea. Then other things weren't working and I started to switch wires thinking I had something crossed then realized too late that I just blew some fuses......#@$%^!%%# That's when I got a beer, cut all the wires, and started from scratch. If anyone has the Mikes XS Speedometer with signal lights wired and working let me know.
Ahh. What an obvious solution. Diodes only allow current to flow in one direction. Both sides flashed when the wires were connected together, because one was sending 12v back to the lights on the opposite side. Thanks
Some of my 1970's Military Avionics training come back to me ocassionally.
Do the stock bulbs have built in diodes or use special bulbs of some kind? I tested my stock bulbs and they all 4 work as an indicator light, so I assume they all 4 are the same bulb. Originally the left and right signal wires were both hooked up to the light directly, so I wonder if the bulbs are different.
Finally finished! For $1.59+tax I wired a pair of diodes in and now have a pair of beautiful new small gauges, with fully functioning lights. Thanks adamoverdrive, for the diode advice. And especially D9 for the brackets. I can't wait to test them out! Perfect timing too since we have snow in the forcast for tomorrow.
I got all my lights working great. Diodes are the trick. Even took it for a chilly test ride to town. A road test of the dual gauge setup with separate brackets complete and they were rock solid, and look fantastic!
I got the tach off E-Bay, not Mikes XS. I believe the tachs from Mikes are all cable driven, not electronic. I only got the speedometer from Mikes. He also sells both MPH and KMS gauges both in black and white faces. Sorry I don't remember who on E-Bay sold the tachs, but if it helps he sold them as a HD tach.

I PMd you about the stock gauge and read you post closer. You're looking for a tach not a speedometer. Oops
If the Thruxton has the same ignition as the Bonneville it's single fire.
Great job on the gauges. The more I see them the more they just look like they belong. More of a retro look I think. Are those stubbed turn signals I see?
A big Ooo Rah! to ya. I'm sure Chesty would approve.
The tach that everyone is using is electronic like the stock ones, so there is no ratio to worry about. Mine and others are purchased off of E-Bay or somewhere else. Just has to work with a single fire ignition, or you would need an adapter, which is cheap also. The speedometers are from MikesXS and the ones he sells do have the correct ratio, just screw on the cable and go. After you hook up all the lights. Mikes does sell speedometers without indicator lights and/or a trip odometer, but you would have to find a way to re mount the stock indicator lights....."Hey D9" How about a bracket design that holds the gauges and also fits the stock lights?
Don't worry RB, I was just thinking of more possibilities, and throwing out ideas. I like my set up and like your idea of putting the ignition key up on top. I ordered a black face clock from NB last week, and thinking of fitting it between the gauges. Maybe there's room for both.
Here's my quick addition to my dual mini gauge setup. I was home all day today when my box from NB came in the mail, what luck. Not much else to do when there's freezing rain coming down.

I just straightened out the bracket that came with it and used one of the bracket bolts. A little black paint at the bracket will disappear.
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I got mine off of E-Bay also, and got another one just the other day for $20.00 plus shipping. I didn't need it but the price was right. I paid $50.00 for mine. This one isn't new out of the box but looks new. I'll sell it for the same as what I got it for. The lighting isn't the same between the two, but it's only noticable at night and I don't do much night riding. I consider that a minor flaw in an overall awesome set up.
His message on the site also states that all Speedometers and Tachometers and mechanical cable driven. Maybe it's something new.
Had I known or checked further I would have gotten one from him instead of E-Bay. They are very inexpensive, and the lights may have matched better. And I even have an extra tach also.

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I can't speak for everyone, but I don't see myself as lazy. I do some things myself, if I can for two reasons. It's enjoyable and it saves me money. Some things I can't do and could never do even if I had all the tools in the world. I witnessed part of the process involved in the development of these brackets and I was amazed. It was a thought process and having an eye for what looks right and more importantly how to see it in your mind and bring it to reality. I don't have that. I only know what I like and don't like after I see it. That's the easy part. Just the time involved in reworking the existing ignition switch to relocate it was lengthy to end up with something that you can be proud of. The mods we do to our bikes all involve making it run and look right in our own eye, we do that and all end up with different yet great looking machines.
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I understand, and wasn't offended a bit. I just wish I had half the talent to do the things I see people do to their bikes. There have been some amazing and sometimes radical mods done to many bikes I've seen here. The talent out there is amazing. Maybe it being winter, below freezing and dark at 5:00 helps out. I walk by my bike in the garage everyday and haven't even started it in a week. Just occasionally kick the sleeping cat off of the seat.
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