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A-9s custom brackets for custom mini speedometers

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All I can say is WOW. He sent me 2 black brackets [one split for wiring,one solid] at no cost for the parts or the shipping. I used the split version since my wiring was already installed and it went on in minutes,nice,tight and secure. A very cool way to get rid of the bulky Triumph stuff and the perfect end to a crappy work day. :upthumb:
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I would love to get a set of these for my Thruxton

Please let me know - thank you

Hey guys, how is the vibration on the instruments with the rubber mounts?
hmm - this may sound stupid -
So, is the Tach on thruxton electrical?
and one more qeustion - is it a single firing ignition?

either way this helps me a bunch...


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I was wondering if you guys new which ratio the tachometer should be.
Excuse me but this part is very foreign to me and I am a bit confused.
As far as I know all the Tachs at Mikes xs are mechanical and you need electrical.
I got mine from Baron, but you may be able to find one on ebay for a decent price...
I would of prefered a 12000 since I am puting it on a Thruxton. But I could not find an electronic tach for a decent price, so I settled for 8000rpm.
I believe these will be the first pics of the D9 brackets on a thruxton.

D9 - You are a scholar and a gentleman my friend...

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The wiring was to difficult for me, so I had the shop do it. While placing the speedo in the brackets they broke the reset knob - :mad:

The shop has to order me a new one and replace it. But now I need to find a speedo that does not have a reset knob that sticks out so far...I will have to think about other options as well...

Although the slight problems, they look good heh...

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I have one question - maybe some of you may know the answer...

I know our bikes need electrical tachs, but does that rule stick for the speedometers???
THX - Next week the back tire will be a 170 - It iwll bew loward 1 1/2 inches - Bubs will be put on and the tank will be sent out to be nickled...

I was wondering if the Mike XS speedos were electronic or mechanical?
I think I may have found a speedo for Harley - but I have to be sure to order the right thing.
Thanks allot - that helps... :)

I found a "Drag Specialties" speedo that will work. Exactly the same but without the tripometer.

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