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A-9s custom brackets for custom mini speedometers

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All I can say is WOW. He sent me 2 black brackets [one split for wiring,one solid] at no cost for the parts or the shipping. I used the split version since my wiring was already installed and it went on in minutes,nice,tight and secure. A very cool way to get rid of the bulky Triumph stuff and the perfect end to a crappy work day. :upthumb:
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All right, I give up. I've spent a couple of hours trying to find that same speedometer, and can't come up with it.

Where'd you get it? (p/n, manufacturer, etc, please).

It'd really go with the mini-tach I've put on my bike.

I'm slowly getting all the components together to do the same. Have you got all the lights in the speedometer working alright?
I didn't waste any time at all putting the bracket to use, when it showed up in the mail today.

This is the setup I had prior to starting the project:

These are all the parts I started with. D-9's bracket is outstanding! Excellent machining!

The old years of avionics repair came back to me - soldering the speedometer connections and using heat-shrink tubing.

I FINALLY got all the lights to work... This took some doing, and I had the Haynes manual to help with the wiring diagram. Even so, my oil pressure light and neutral light weren't working right away, and the bike wouldn't start either. Trouble-shooting was in order. I found that the oil pressure light, the neutral light and the start button share a ground - that was my error. I put the + sides of the oil and neutral lights to where they needed to go, and put the grounds together for the lights and the start switch, and bingo! It works!

The tachometer I have is a couple of thousands' smaller than the speedometer, so I'm going to have to build up the bracket on the tach side somehow. A couple of strips of aluminum speed tape might work on the inside of the bracket, put the rubber grommet back around the bracket and I should be good to go. I have to think about it overnight...

Right now, I've got the tach sitting up where it should be - it's not snug though, like the speedometer is - but it sure looks great!

It started to get dark (already!) so I couldn't even get out for much of a ride, but, overall, it's a great mod, and it sure looks better than the starting configuration!

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For the record, I didn't get the tach from MikesXS... I just got it off of ebay, so who knows where it's from - and it was used, to boot.

Even .003 may be too much. There is very little difference between the speedo size and the tach size - I'd guess about .0015. I work today and tomorrow (wouldn't you know, the weather's great...). I'm gonna try some aluminum speed tape at a couple of points along the inside of the bracket Monday morning. Then, I'll replace the rubber grommet over the bracket - that should keep the aluminum tape from sliding off the bracket - then, replace the tach in the bracket frame.

I'm gonna get a caliper too - enough guessing.
Here's an electrical diagram (of sorts) for installing the Mike'sXS speedometer - with the internal hi beam, neutral, oil and turn signal lights.

Hopefully, it'll help someone else out so they won't waste the time I did figuring it all out...
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I just found a curious side-effect of these new brackets. My tach was getting a case ground from the old Triumph speedometer - through a mounting screw to the old speedometer.

With the addition of the new bracket, the tach interior gauge light wasn't working - the case of the tach is insulated from a case ground by the rubber grommet.

It drove me crazy trying to troubleshoot this down... every time I bumped the tach into the handle bars, the light would work, then it wouldn't when I bumped it again.

It took a while, but I just added another wire directly from the (-) side of the tach gauge light to ground.

Works great now.
That's exactly the tape I used. Thanks for the offer! We got a new video camera for our family Christmas present and I had to play with it...
Just got a new(er) tach - one with only one wire bundle coming out of the back. It says "YIH TYAN" on the bottom of the face. It must be a couple of .001 bigger, because I had to take my speed tape off of the bracket. Now, it fits as tight as the speedometer.

... but it's snowing... :(
The box says "57-133 Made in Taiwan" and a number stenciled on the bottom of the tach says "200606".

I looked around at MikesXS, but I only saw 0-12,000 rpm tachs... This one is 0-8,000 rpm - is there one I didn't see, with only 8,000 rpm, at MikesXS?

I would have preferred to get one from MikesXS, to get a better match on the gauge lighting, but didn't find an 8,000 rpm model...

By the way, I accidentally ended up with two of these tachs, so if anybody reading this wants one for $35 plus shipping, gimme a holler.

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On 2006-12-05 20:48, Loxpump wrote:
I consider that a minor flaw in an overall awesome set up.
You said it!

On 2006-12-05 21:08, caspianthruxton wrote:
If anyone wants to sell their old guages let me know. I am looking for the black faced ones from a T-100
All I have is the speedometer - I think that's why we all wanted to put this mod together - none of us had a tach, and we didn't like parting with $300 to get a stock one.

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The tachs at MikesXS look like they only have wires coming out of them... They're not electronic? Do Yamaha 650s have electronic tachs?
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