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Side Stand

98 T-Bird Sport - my first Triumph and I love it. Plenty of power, great looks, comfortable - even the wife and kids think it's the coolest bike ever.

BUT - I find it terminally embarrassing when I have to spend half a minute fiddling with the heel of my boot to get the side stand down.

What the heck is up with that truncated little bar sitting just in front of and well below the foot peg? (see picture) Was it Triumph adding a zit to temper an otherwise perfect machine?

Or did some previous owner swap in a non-stock kickstand?

Any other TBS owners dealing with this? I've searched the forums fore and aft with no joy.

Hi Ben

I fixed this problem by adding some thick walled rubber tube about 2" long with a 1/4" inside bore. Just soak it in hot water then push it on the side stand peg, I have attached a couple of photos

Cheers Bruno


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