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Hi all i think i posted this in the wrong forum originally... anyways, as i am new to the forum i'm sure i'll be forgiven, especially as the virtual bar is open!

I seem to have developed a problem with my 1997 sprint exec... when sat in traffic/travelling at low speeds the coolant starts to push out of the rad into the expansion bottle and ultimately down the overflow and over my back tyre! This only happens when the temp rises out of the normal range, usually just over a third of the way up the dial, just around the point where the fan kicks in (so yes it does work). I've hear rumours of a rad cap issue and wonder whether anyone here has any ideas???

Cheers in advance


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Firstly welcome to the forum, glad to have ya!

Secondly you did read the part 'bout the newguy buys us all a round???!!! :-g :-g :-g

And, oh yeah your question... have you changed the coolant or added a significant amount of coolant to your bike's system lately?
Because if you have and didn't open the air bleed screw on the side of the engine block then there could still be air in the system causing it to overheat.

That's it right above my footrest, it's a 10mm bolt threaded into the side of the engine. Remove the radiator cap (engine off), loosen the bolt slowly, air will bleed out till it starts to flow coolant then retighten it closed. Don't unscrew the bolt all the way out because coolant will gush out like a fire hydrant (don't ask me how I know). Then top off the radiator with more coolant.
If that's not it then you could have a bad thermostat.

good luck,
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