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I've been doing some sleuthing as I'm trying to get a Daytona 955 engine to put in my '99 speed triple. The Daytona changes by year are messy. I've listed below are what I think could/would attribute to a HP difference, and I don't think they were all 130ps. These should be changes by engine number which is by the clutch arm.

57946- update in the transmission so it's less likely to have an issue with 4th - not really important here, but I wanted a record of it somewhere

61508 - Exhaust cam changed (which I think is somewhere in 1998, Germany excluded) - what exactly WAS the change? Was this a lift/duration change or a cam timing change? I've read other places people were changing cam timing 5* to get more power from earlier bikes.

63803 - header part # changed, unclear if anything is meaningfully different?

71699 received some induction and fueling updates - this is not a comprehensive list of every minute detail that happened, but it was airbox, throttle bodies, fuel injectors and rail, pump plate, header part changed again, and restyled exhaust can (which I think is for 1999 as the 955i update)

89737 received the newer ECU (which I think is 2000)

The literature I'm seeing has all the 97-01 rated at 130ps. But I'd think with the changes above, hp would have changed somewhere along the way. My findings below support they did.

The 60-80 (3.65) and 80-100 (5.19) roll on times are identical in MCN tests for the 97 98 and 00 bikes they tested. Unsure if they carried this over, or they actually tested it and got the same results 3 times. But the trap speeds definitely vary.

Daytona ('97)8/9710.80 @ 126.4

Daytona ('98)6/9810.70 @ 130.03

Daytona ('00)6/0010.70 @ 130.21

What I take from this is the 97 is an early bike. the tested 98 likely had the new exh cam, but NOT throttle bodies. 00 likely had all the updates.

00 traps ~4 mph higher than the 97. This is a pretty significant difference. The 98-00 is mostly unchanged. This leads me to believe the cam change in 98 made a noticeable difference in performance. Playing with calculators says this is about a 10 hp change. The tb/airbox/ecu changes may have resulted in a small hp change, but within margin of error. If it added hp it was probably a small amount and/or a small rpm window.

Another interesting observation is that the 02 148 hp rated Daytona trap speed is also 130. It was tested slower 60-80 (4.05) but faster 80-100 (4.3).

Daytona ('02)2/0210.61 @ 130.33

For good measure..

120 hp 02 Speedy
Speed Triple ('02)10/0211.04 @ 123.8

133 hp '12 Speedy
Speed Triple R ('12)8/1210.84 @ 127.12.803.27N/A

Further backing up my suspicion, Fast Triumph Daytonas 1/4 Mile 0-60 Drag Racing - has two 97's with different riders both trapping 126.5. The Best of the Best: Part One - has a 98 trapping 128.5, which, still a few mph quicker than the 126.5.

Given the 1997 is what's rated at 130 ps in the factory service manual, the post cam change seemingly has to be higher. 2+ mph in the quarter doesn't come out of nowhere.

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Not racing, just sharing an observation I found interesting. Wondering if anyone has any different data or perhaps noticed a similar trend.

There isn't a great quarter mile time list or dyno list of t595 and early/late 955i's to draw conclusions from.

It's all a moot point really, none of us are into the 955 bikes because of raw acceleration.
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