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Hello, does anyone know what the coating on the aluminium suspension parts on these triples is?
I'm replacing bearings, shock, and anything else that's worn out, and going in for a huge clean-up. Getting the suspension spindle out was a problem because of corrosion in the middle two rings of the linkage. I've had to media blast those surfaces to get the muck out as no amount of soaking/scraping was succeeding. In the images attached, for the fill linkage image there is a patch of bright aluminium on the right, the rest of the linkage is a dull colour that won't polish. And in the close up of two of the rings that spindle goes through, on the left, the pinch bolt ring, there is the original coating, while on the right, where I've blasted (superfine beads) you can make out the different new surface, slightly pitted from the corrosion. And in the middle between the two rings you can see where a lump of coating has come off.

Any idea what this is?
My plan is to media blast the whole linkage and the connecting rods, which are in a well weathered state where gravel off the roads has punished them, file off the casting ridges to make the whole surface smooth, then polish and either anodise or lacquer the parts before re-assembly. I don't see any problems with this, as I presently figure that the coating is there to protect the aluminium, which is what I'll be doing in the end anyway. But I thought I'd run it past people who know more than me first.

Many thanks

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