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Greetings All,

About two years ago I pushed my 1996 Daytona 1200 into the shed after a long and
futile action to get her to run. I had pulled the carbs and cleaned them twice.
Changed spark plugs, wires. All it would do is backfire out of the left exhaust. I knew
I had a lot of rust in my tank even after de rusting it with Rusto. (the seams are still full of rust). A few weeks ago I came across a red D12 tank on ebay which was reported to be
rust free. I won the bid and the tank came. It is an early factory coated tank and looks
to be rust free and the coating intact.

I also bought a low milage trophy 1200 motor complete with plugs, wires, coils, starter,
and alternator for just a few hundred bucks.

Moment of trueth, Started troubleshooting bike. Pulled the carbs to inspect the pilot
jets and see what was in the float bowls. Cleaned pilot jets and reasemble carbs.
Set the idle mixture at 2.5 turns on all carbs. Started with carbs off and hooked
battery charger to bike. Sprayed carb cleaner into carbs and hit the starter button.
The engine backfired through the carbs and through the exhaust as before. This time
I deduced that the timming was somehow off. How could this be as one coil fires
cylinder 1 and 4 and the other coild fires cylinder 2 and 3. The wires to the coils
were reversed. Switched wires to coils and sprayed a little more carb cleaner
into each intake, and hit the starter. The engine started and ran for a second. Did
it again, and the bike ran for a second or two. I then put the carbs back on and fillled the float bowls with gasoline. Again I hit the starter and the engine ran for a few minutes. Swapped the bits from the rusted tand to the coated tank and installed the tank. filled tank with some gas and hit the starter. The Bike roared to life. Have been running the bike all afternoon just to see if it would run for an extended period of time. Road it around the block a few times and up and down the street. Pulled the front wheel off the ground in 1st or second gear. I have to get a new battery and mabee a new fuel shut off valve. Also may have to get some new fuel hose. Cant wait to get her tagged again and the body work back on her. Also took the temp probe from the doner motor and put on the d12 this way the temp guage is working also.

Just wanted to share this with you guys!

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