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955i Painted/Ceremic/Jet Coated Exhausts

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Wondering if if anyone out there has any pictures of (preference silver) 01-04 S3 with black painted exhaust?

Have seen all the pictures I can click on on this forum I think, mostly of the 05+s with black exhausts/frames.

However, I am wondering how much a black exhaust will "take away" from a silver 03? With a black framed bike I can see it looking just fine. With the silver frame though... I am not sure.

My thought process was to ceremic coat it this winter, however I am starting to think just the header may get done. Folks thoughts?

Keeping in mind the following cosmetic changes that will happen this winter:
LS Bar Ends, ordered these direct
Self done FE Kit
General clean up slight corrosion starting on fastening bolts(Especially the front fork bolts)
Unknown upgrade to either a Bar mounted Radar/GPS unit, or hidden in Pixie Hat
Rework and paint of the rear pegs, i.e. removing un-used portions as seen in Exhaust photo
GSXR 1k F. Brakes(Finally won an Etrash auction)/Pads, new lines MC and Levers, levers Undecided
Black "subtle" rad guards, Undecided

Anyone have pics/links?

Side view of my exhaust side as reference. I guess if no pictures I will start playing with my horrid photoshop skills.

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I can photoshop that exhaust for you so you can see what it would look like.

Just give me a day or so. It's waaaaaaay past my bedtime tonight.
Frankly I don't care for the look.

Somehow the silver frame needs the stainless exhaust.

Perhaps if the tank/fender/plastic were painted black that would work better. That's a whole different project in PS though. Just the exhaust only took me about 5 minutes.

You're welcome.
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