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955i or 1050?

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Well, I currently own a 2004 S3 and was thinking about upgrading to the 1050...but honestly, is it worth the extra money. I know you get the Nissin brakes and Showa forks, but is it worth dumping my bike to get the newer version?
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Up To You, Depends on your circumstances, Whether you get a good price for the 955, do you like the current styling changes etc etc etc. I've had both and not regreted one minute of it. they are pretty much the same except the styling changes and a we bit more grunt, So As I said at the end of the day it's up to you. I'm really happy with the 1050. :-D
On 2006-11-09 15:03, kiel wrote:
I know you get the Nissin brakes ...
The 1050's brakes are not it's biggest selling feature. :-D

Do a front end swap to the 955, get an ohlins or Penske shock for the back, and you'll have a better bike than the 1050 is stock. If you want more grunt, swap out for a Daytona 955i motor, or just wait for the new big daytona.

If you don't like messing with your bike and doing mods, just buy a new bike.
To all do respect to kuhlka, but swapping out those parts eill not make it a better bike than a stock 1050! Thats silly! but he is right in saying if ya don't wanna messs around doing those a 1050. I have never had problems with my brakes. Test it first then see for yourself.sean....
Why not have both? :-D
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