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955i 98 engine stalls

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I just bought this bike. when you start ridding, after a couple of minutes, being at a steady speed, the rpms suddenly go down, I you open the throtle, the engine does not respond, and the engine stalls. If you wait a minute, you can restart the engine a ride again, but engine will stall again within 2-3 min. The owner told me that the bike was sitting in the garage for a while. He also told me that the injector maybe clog or dirty. ( I do not know about injectors, my last bike had carburetors). I change the plugs, I drop an injector cleaning (stp) into the gas tank, but the bike still stalls. I do not know what to do, I can not ride :mad:
Any input will be appreciated. Thank you. Emilio :???:
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I am having similar problems. I have a 955 2003. I have been advised that water may be in the fuel.... The dealer is flushing the entire system through for me. Another suggestion was throttle body re-programming. I would be interested to hear how you get on.
Hi Emilio, I have sorted my problem today.
This is the finishing comment I put on my own post, cut and pasted.

"Thanks for all of your help guys. The problem now appears to be sorted. My Triple is silky smooth and all the power has returned!!!!!
Basically, I took the bike to my nearest Triumph dealer. I enjoy tinkering with cars but I wanted my bike don't by the pros. I told them the symptons and they immediately stated it needed a FULL SERVICE because they could not verify when it last one was. (2000 miles ago, I showed them the stamp) I stood my ground and asked them to sort only the problem I had identified. They pointed out that there was water in the fuel and therefore I asked for a flush and clean of the tank and system only.

I returned later today and they had flushed it through, cleaned the plugs and updated the ECU tune. Flushed injectors and common rails and cleaned the plugs. It has so far run like a new bike and my smile is back. Oh yeah, they also replaced the fuel filter. My next service is due in 4500 miles (and I will be going to Total Triumph in Somerset to get the bike serviced as my local dealer got a little short today when I refused a full service today) Total price, £122.66 but well worth it."

Hope this helps you, good luck.
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Just to update you, my problem came back really quickly... I returned the bike to the dealer and they have confirmed that the throttle body gasket was blown and therefore letting air in causing it to run very badly and stall continuously... For your information. Will update if the problem is finally fixed when I get the bike back next week.
Thanks for the update.

Good luck getting the gremlins sorted out.
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