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95 speed triple rear shock

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hello out there in hinkley land!....i have a 95 speed triple which i recently replaced all the internals of the forks with race tech springs and gold valve kit...however...the rear mono shock(still in good condition) is so missmatched with the front its almost unbearable. i have looked into every option to replace the rear from penske to hagon to ohlins...all of wich are extremly expensive. im sure i wont get away from this cheaply but on the other hand im not racing for dollars here, im just and agressive street rider with an occasional track day considering i live only 20 min from pocono raceway and an hour from the soon to be road corse in englishtown n.j. my question is has anyone out there had any luck replacing the rear shock for under 700 bills?? if so and advice would be appriciated!
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