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94 Tiger Carbs

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I am replacing the engine of a 94 Tiger with that of a 96 Trident. I have kept the 94 Tigers engine head,valves and replaced the camshafts with the Trident cams, they looked like they were in better shape. This was done because the Trident engine had a broken engine mount.
My question is, I will be using the same Tiger carbs and since everything is now still apart (I ordered some shims and I am waiting) should I be cleaning the carbs? Do I need to clean them ?
what defects should I be looking for? How do I clean them? should any parts be replaced? you get the point...
How do I know they are well adjusted before I fire up the bike for the first time. This is the first time I work on a project of this magnetude. I just can't wait to fire it up. Any expertise would be of great value.

Thanks in advance... :cool:
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