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72 T100r wiring harness question

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I am considering rewiring my 72 T100R. After some research I found a couple different parts such as a wiring harness and a headlight harness. Do I need both? Also noticed a couple offerings where the harness was noted as including the headlight harness and the price was approximately double (sounds like both). Also, is cloth really worth more than tape? For something more or less hidden from view is it worth the extra $. Any help or suggestions are appreciated

Another related question. My bike was wired (unwired?) to run without a battery, does this involve the removal of anything else that I may wish to put back in? I am not fond of the headlight that barely shines at idle.

I am a newbie to all of this so any suggestions are welcomed and thanks
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If you are looking toward a total restoration to original specs, you will want a cloth-wrapped wiring harness. I am unfamiliar with the newer (71 and later) harnesses, but the older ones are one part for the whole bike except the horn/dipper switch with it's pigtail, the headlight socket (which is only a metal cup and 3 wires), and the tail light pigtail which is 2 wires from under the seat out to the light itself.

You may need to get a new rectifier and a zener diode, or a modern regulator/rectifier, depending on which parts were left bolted to the bike.
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