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Thanks, stole it from a pic as an idea against vibration and fatigue on gauge pipework. And nylon line gave me nightmares of melting on a pipe. So far checking on the exhaust bracket mounting, vibes and heat have given me very little cause for concern.

Fitted inline filters on fuel lines, have hooked up new control cables, and switchless front brake cable. Have had it running, tuned the carbs, registered and a test ridden. I must have balanced the carbs thrice over and once more for good measure!

Rough/faltering pickup from idle with air screw 1.5 turns and using #1 needle slot, and a standard #3 slide cutaway. Back to 1 full turnout from closed - and it’s muuuuch cleaner when warm. A slight lump in revs just started when cold on initial throttle opening. Will re read the Amal guides, maybe I’ll try droppin clip/raising the needle 1 notch.

Ready to strobe time and give it a proper run-in ride though.

she’s surfacerusty, crusty, tattered and ratty lookin, but I like the well-ridden style. Yet can smile knowing that on the inside it’s spot on. Good feelin to finally have confidence that as a runner, its mechanically as sound as it’ll get.

Lookin forward to goin far.

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Looking good! What handlebars are those?

How do you like the sound of the cocktail shakers? Mine are really loud!
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