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1970 Triumph Bonneville T120
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Hi Everyone. I have loved reading everything on this site and obsessing over classic Triumphs for months now.

I finally couldn't resist any longer and went out and found a 1970 T120 Bonneville in what looks to be pretty great condition - original paint, low miles (at least according to the odometer), no major issues that I've been able to uncover. I'm going through some basic service steps like new fluids, tires, cables, adjusting brakes, carb rebuild, etc just so I know what the bike has going on.

I took the bike on a couple short rides...dangerous on old tires, but I couldn't resist. This bike is SO MUCH FUN to ride!! I did have to promise my wife that I wouldn't ride it much more until I could make it a little safer - there's no turn signals, the tail light and brake light are out, and there's not a kill switch. :)

Next steps are to add some turn signals and possibly a kill switch in addition to the other stuff I listed above. After that stuff is done, I think the bike will feel safe and I'll be ready to go. The challenge is that I live in Iowa and there's likely only a few more nice weather days for riding left in the year.

Anyhow, I'm excited to finally be an official Triumph owner and a member of this great site!

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Hello, welcome to the site. Thank you for the introducing yourself. Vintage sections guys are going to become your best friends.

I hope you find this Triumph site to be a great place to meet and talk all Triumph bikes with a great bunch of riders.

Everyone here is very willing to help with any issues or concerns with your bike. This is really a great bunch of riders very willing to help other riders.

Please note if you are asking a question or looking for some insight – Please go to one of the sections related to your bikes model. You will get very good response and input for riders more than willing to help.

Cruise around the different sections and find where you fit comfortably. There are tech sections for each of the many models of Triumphs and chat sections for the same. Also we have a great classifieds section that is well worth checking out. But you do need to meet some requirements for access.

Here is a link to the rules of the site and the classifieds. I recommend that you take a few minutes to read through them.

Read first before trying to post. Classified Ad Rules - Classifieds Rules

If you want to just hang out and shoot the breeze the “Biker Hang-Out” Chat Section will be the place to stop in.

If you haven't already please fill out your profile. It helps others to know what you ride and where on the planet you are located.

Here are the governing rules of the site and what can and cannot be done here.

Acceptable Use Policy - Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

I hope you enjoy the site. The moderators are here to help if you have questions or concerns. Thanks for joining the Triumph Rat Family.

Wishing you Safe Riding!
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