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I have an 05 650 Daytona that was bought wrecked with cosmetic damage only. It was and is a great bike but I have been having electrical glitches for the past year and 2 months ago, it went bad.

First the small glitches. I would be riding down the highway, commuting to/from college when I would notice the instrument cluster going blank and the tach stop working. When I get home, the battery was dead and needed charged. Long story short, one of the stator windings burned up and fried the wires. Replaced the battery and replaced the stator. Problem disappeared...for a while.

2 months ago, I was cruising around 60-65 mph when all of a sudden, my instrument cluster went blank, pink smoke rose into the tach glass, and the bike died. I pulled over, turned the key off then back on. The tach cycled and the bike popped really loud. It wasn't a backfire, but the positive battery terminal separating itself from the battery! Trailered it home, took off the instrument cluster and the circuit board was shorted in one spot. It keeps blowing a fuse that controls flow from the rectifier/stator back by the battery.

I am a mechanic, but not an electrician.

If you have any help, please share!
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