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Tried to post this once, not sure but I had a cranial laps and I didn't post it so here it is again. My 2001 Adventurer is due for the factory recommended service (6000 mile) which includes valve adjustments. My bike is running great, very little valve chatter, vaccum is even across the board, carb sync is perfect. I really dont want to crack the seal on the engine if it is not necessary, but I'm sure the dealer will recommend the service. In other threads I have seen recommendations for anual valve checks and adjustments if necessary. I believe these are solid lifter engines which means a little chatter is to be expected, becoming less once at running temp. With all that I know about engines, and my current assesment of it's vitals, my gut says pass on the valve service this time, after all, if it's not baroak, don't fix it. Then again I'm new to the world of Triumph and lack the time and wisdom with these machines to make that call. Input please.
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