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(For anyone wondering what's happening with this project)

Much further along now, here's the run-down on Brian's bike:

Oct. 23 - Received bike and inventoried general condition

Oct 25 - Got the bike running after a quick carb cleaning and lots of pushing, clutch is messed up, bike won't kick start

Nov 2 - Overhauled the carb & clutch, and got the bike running; did a thorough test drive

Nov 7 - Stripped everything and sent about 100 pounds of parts (including rims) to re-chrome.

Nov-Dec - Frame & swingarm to powdercoat.

Engine covers, carb & misc. parts to polishing.

Fairing, dashboard, tank, fenders, oil tank, chain guard & sidecover to paint, then pinstriping.

Head, cylinders & crankshaft to machine shop for valve job, overbore & journal grinding.

Dec-Jan - Several UPS & FedEx guys have gotten a good workout hauling parts for me.

Jan 16 - Popped the cases in the oven and main bearings in the freezer, then after sipping the appropriate amount of coffee, put on the oven mits and whisked the cases outside; the bearings dropped in place without a single smack of persuasion.

Jan 30 - Installed yokes and messed with forks

Feb 14 - Busted down the crank and washed out the sludge trap, not too bad for a bike that hasn't been opened since '72 or longer.

Nipped in the new rod bearings on the polished rods and set it up for assembly. Did a little work on reaming out the tappet guides, then painted the cylinders and installed the guide blocks & tappets.

Feb 15 - The cylinders slipped over the pistons easier than I've ever seen, lots of oil and slick new ring compressor clamps had a lot to do with it, I'm sure.

Nipped up the cylinders, installed the pushrod tubes and dropped the head on with a light snugging.

Installed the fore and aft mounting plates and dropped the lump in the cradle!

Up to date!

For more details, and pictures, the thread is at:

59 Triumph Custom Cafe project thread on Delphi
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