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5 to 6 sticky shifting?

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I have some trouble with the 5 to 6 upshift on my 06-any body got any ideas or a like hang up??
My tops of my toes actually hurt from the force required after a busy ride. I do wear boots (not flip flops like CB)
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Every Triumph triple I`ve had has been similar. My Tiger got better as the mileage increased but initially they were all the same, including my new 07 S3. An occasional false neutral and a stiff shift or a 'double click' between 5th and 6th. My Sprint seemed to be worse when I was riding slowly and changing up at lower revs.
I found an easy solution. If I short shift (no clutch) up the box, the problem dissappears and the change is super smooth. So for the last couple of years I`ve been short shifting from 3rd gear upwards.

My Daytona 675 doesn`t do it at all and doesn`t seem to have a typical trumpy gearbox.
go figure!
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