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5 to 6 sticky shifting?

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I have some trouble with the 5 to 6 upshift on my 06-any body got any ideas or a like hang up??
My tops of my toes actually hurt from the force required after a busy ride. I do wear boots (not flip flops like CB)
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I've got a 2006 model with about 7000kms, (dont ask me miles, no idea). When I first bought it I found all of the shifting took a bit of an effort compared to jap bikes. This has settled down though, and although I may be imagining things I feel it shifts better once the bikes warmed up and moving after a few k's.

Specifically however, yes there is a definite false neutral when I change up from 5 to 6. Its not hard to change at all, just has that double movement feel.

There was thread here a looooong time ago about taking off the shift, checking the lube on the joints, and then whacking them back together. Its easy to do, takes about 15 minutes. This may be your problem if the shift is as hard to change as you say, (which just isnt right). As for the false neutral between 5-6, I just live with it.

Hope that helps some.
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