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4WD capabilities

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Can your 4WD do this?

hill climb

I have always considered myself to have reasonable sized cojones, but I think that I would draw the line... unless someone dared me.. :-D
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Oh pshaaaw,.....My Rangey Rover can do that towing my Explorer, without even spilling the beer.

Nuthin' to it....cake and pie..

Mine's a 1 owner '89 Classic 4 dr. I got it from my Da who bought it new. It's got nearly 200k on it, but still runs and drives like new. He went through the steering, suspension and brakes and new exhaust a few years ago, other than that it's all original. I need to buff the paint as it's oxidized from sitting at their house by the ocean and it's got a few dings here and there because he used it for a work truck. Other than that it's a real trooper and fun as hell to drive, I love it !

:upthumb: :upthumb: :upthumb:
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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