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Is there some special technique to fitting new seals in the fork oil seal holders of late 50s/early 60s front forks? Do you need to have the factory tool, or similar?
These are the seal holders with a castellated top and a pressed-in top-hat bush (Dust Excluder Sleeve Nut, H1194). Models from '65/'66 or so are different.
According to Triumph Instruction Manual No 4, this is done with the seal holder separate from the rest of the fork. Problem in fitting the seal is that there is nothing to hold it square (and it does seem extraordinarily tight) so it kicks on one side and ... well they're definitely secondhand now.
I very smugly used a piece of old stanchion to act as a guide but the lip on which the seal sits is only about 1/16" deep, axially, so there is nothing to keep the guide square either. Since my drift does not fit snugly in the major ID of the holder, it can - does - still slop about. Hence the question about factory tool.
Then there will be the additional fun of pressing in the top-hat retainer part; another tool?
I have looked through all the vintage tech tips and about 200 threads with fork oil seals in the title but I have not read anything that resolves my situation, so please forgive me if it has been covered elsewhere.
Most threads seem to concern removing the seal holder from the slider and then the seal from the holder (Yes, that was fun as well) but replacement was described as, "popping" the new seal in. Clearly I am doing something wrong and, with Covid 19 about, I cannot seek help/a tool elsewhere.
All advice very welcome.
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