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THIS MONTH'S THEME: Out on the Town
Lets see your Triumph by a Cafe, Pub, Bar or Restaurant

Rules for 2022
  1. Members participating MUST HAVE at least 20 posts.
  2. Unless otherwise specified for the month, you can submit up to 5 pics.
  3. Keep the banter to a minimum. The thread should remain on topic for my sanity.
Voting will take place the last week of the month. Ideas for future themes should be sent to me via PM. Winners will receive a free year of premium membership, an album in the Triumph of the Month gallery and featured on the homepage until a new contest starts.

Congrats to July's Triumph of the month, @FLY-TRI-GUY!
Tire Water Sky Plant Wheel

2017 T120 Black & 2022 Tiger GT PRO
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How are these babies to ride? Absolutely gorgeous build!
Thank you. They are great cruising around town, but not for long distances. I should say that plenty of people ride the bobbers on long trips, I‘m just not one of them. That is why I just sold it and bought a T120 to replace it.
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