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2019 was a good year for me. I did around 16,000 on my 2005 Rocket III and 5,000 on my 2015 Rocket.

In March I shipped the '05 to Florida and rode 3 weeks 2,750 miles and left it at my brothers.

In June I rode the '15 to Washington DC and rode in the Rolling Thunder event with an estimated 1.2 Million bikes. Wow.

Then I did the Triumph Bennington Bash weekend to Americade Rally and looped back through the Adirondack mountains.

In June I flew down to Florida and spent a few days riding there, then up to NC/TN for a week and north up to NY at 3,000 miles total.

Then a 1,000 mile trip to the Adirondacks and a second to the Adirondacks, Vermont, Massachusetts and touched New Hampshire - an 1,800 mile loop. Both on the R3.

After several local day trips and a weekend in Toronto I wasn't ready for it to end so I packed up and headed south to prolong my riding season.

I departed October 1st from Rochester NY and flew home November 4th after riding 30 of the 35 days.

It totalled 7,100 miles, a 12 state extravaganza to:
New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida

This was my longest duration trip ever but 2nd longest trip distance wise (#1 was in 2008 = 24 states in 25 days with 9,800 miles).

I went to the HRC on Beale St TN, did the Pig Trail in the Ozarks, attended the Guinness world record Harley parade in Paris Tx, went to Big Bend National Park in Tx, rode The Three Twisted
Sisters in Leakey Tx, spent a few days at Biketoberfest in Daytona Fl, attended Fall Fantasy in Key West on my birthday, crossed the Everglades and ended up in Orlando for Bike Night at the Ace cafe.

It was an excellent adventure aside from the 3 very very close calls.

The bike was left in Orlando in anticipation of riding there in March including a few rides to Daytona Bike Week.

I'm also including my updated route map of my 15 years riding around on my 2005 Rocket III. I completed the 'lower 48' in 2014 and have done 1/2 more than once.



2019 total - forgot to add the Washington DC trip...

Missed a few but you get the idea!

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