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Well, at about 23,000 kms I have a somewhat major concern with my 2018 Tiger 1200 XCA. I have the occasional issue where the bike will go to neutral when I am downshifting from 3rd gear into 2nd. I can't consistently reproduce the problem. It is intermittent. I have done a search and it seems there have been some well documented cases of this happening to some others (older bikes from 2013 an up). It seems to be wear in the selector shaft (approx a 1 hour fix) that would be causing this. So I have an appointment in August to have the front brake pads recall done and I will be bringing this up with the service dept. I do have the extended warranty for the bike, so I should be covered. I will follow up with results...

For those with questions :
  • It all started to happen after I was using the quick shifter when going from 3rd to 4th under acceleration (approx 7000 rpm) and the bike slipped out of 4th gear to go back to 3rd (redlined)
  • Using the clutch for downshift from 3rd to 2nd will at times cause the bike to go straight to neutral bypassing 2nd gear (not a false neutral because the bike is really in neutral). This is not fun when expecting engine braking or trying to lose some speed to make a tight turn.
  • This is not a shift indicator issue because the bike is really in neutral and I can shift into 2nd gear after the 3rd to neutral issue
  • I have tried to reproduce the issue consistently but I am unable to. The issue will occur when decelerating under compression in 3rd to 2nd, sometimes no compression (very low rpm)... the day after the bike did the 3rd to neutral (happened 4-5 times), I went for a 2 hour ride (with pillion) and not one single 3rd to neutral occurred. I can upshift (quick shifter or clutch) 1-2-3-4-5-6 without any issues. I will try to ride a bit more aggressively (no pillion) to see if that causes the issue.
I wonder how much the quick shifter could be the culprit behind this ? If using the quick shifter under high rpms causes wear to the selector shaft ?
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