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Ever since Triumph announced its 2016 model line atEICMA, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the updated Tiger Explorer line. As we’ve noted before, the Explorer models have been divided between the XR models, which receives more street-oriented cast wheels, and the XC models, featuring dirt-friendly wire-spoke wheels. All Explorer models are based on the same platform (meaning the same engine, basic suspension specs and wheel sizes) with the designations signifying trim packages. The Explorer XCA tested here represents the top of the Explorer line.

For 2016 the Explorer received a mild restyling in the form of updated tank panels and radiator cowls which were designed to direct the engine heat away from the rider. The cockpit panels were also altered for improved air flow. The windshield is now electrically adjustable. The instrument cluster has been updated with a big analog tachometer in the center and LCD panels on either side. All of the suspension, ride modes, and cruise control functions are easily controlled by new, much better thought out switchgear on the grips. As with last year, a convenient 12-volt power port resides just in front of the tank. All of these changes, save one, were a tremendous improvement over the previous generation and takes great strides in bringing the Explorer in line with current adventure-touring trends.
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