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Willing to accept valid offer, otherwise asking $8k.

Up for sale is my 2014 Street Triple R dressed in Phantom Black, purchased new in February 2015, 1 owner bike and clean title in hand. The bike sale will include a binder of receipts and records (which I've done my best to keep together but it's probably missing a few parts receipts) along with a lot of the original parts which I will include a list of. All the scheduled maintenance has been performed at authorized dealers or shops. All oil changes were performed by me; either when the mileage was called for it or at the least in the beginning of the riding season if the mileage was not due. The bike currently sits at 19,452 miles and is mechanically sound with no work needed.

This example is the second generation of the Street Triple line from Triumph; sitting under the tank is a liquid cooled 675cc inline 3, fueled by electronic fuel injection and secondary air injection. This specific bike has had the factory Arrow fuel map loaded on it and SAI deleted when the TBR exhaust was installed, when performed correctly this does not throw any codes and reduces the exhaust popping. When this new generation of Street Triple was introduced, the ECU was also locked out which prevented unauthorized modification of the computer. The good part about this is that it is still accessible via the built in OBDII port under the seat; allowing for Bluetooth or wired connection. Using a Bluetooth OBDII reader to connect to this port along with the TuneECU app will allow for a lot of end-user maintenance such as clearing the service indicator when scheduled maintenance is due, ABS flush, throttle body adjustments and various other readings. Maintenance on this bike is a breeze as Triumph truly designed this bike with that in mind. Oil changes are as simple as removing the drain plug (14mm socket), twist off the filter, reverse the above and fill to spec. As far as security goes the factory keys are RFID chipped which is required to start the bike as without the chip the immobilizer will not be disabled, preventing the bike from starting.

The benefits of the R model compared to the base model is well worth it--the upgraded adjustable suspension (preload, compression, and rebound); making it a perfect bike for the street and the track (which it has not seen any track days). The R model also includes upgraded front (dual Nissin 310mm discs) and rear (Brembo 220mm disc) brakes with ABS.

As for recent maintenance and work that has been performed on the bike;
New battery in March 2018 (replacing original battery that was 4 years old)
Oil changed in April 2018 at 17,603 miles
Front brake pads replaced at 18,367 miles
Adjustable Cam Chain tensioner installed at 18,367 miles
Front and rear brake fluid flushed at 18,954 miles

Moving on to what has been performed and/or included with the bike;
• Triumph Street Triple Fly screen (Phantom Black)
Original back cover in place of fly screen will be included
• LED H4 Headlights (runs cooler and brighter than OEM bulbs)
Original H4 Bulbs will be included
• Aftermarket mirrors
Original Mirrors and bolts will be included
• RAM Mount XL (mounted in steering stem)
(no original parts removed)
• USB Charging port (routed from battery to SAE adapter)
(no original parts removed)
• SAE Adapter on battery (used for battery tending during the off season)
(no original parts removed)
• Triumph Factory Heated grips (dual mode)
Original grips (2 sets) will be included
• Evotech Bar end weights
Original bar end covers will be included
• Tech-Spec Snake Skin tank grips (center and L/R Knee)
(no original parts removed)
• R&G Racing Carbon Fiber tank sliders
(no original parts removed)
• Triumph Frame Sliders
Original bolts will be included
• Triumph Engine covers (3 pieces)
(no original parts removed)
• Two Brothers S1R Exhaust (see video for sound)
Original Exhaust will be included
• Driven Racing Smog Block off plates (SAI Delete)
Original SAI components included
• Evotech Front and rear Axle sliders
(no original parts removed)
• Evotech swing arm spools
(no original parts removed)
• Triumph Factory Quickshifter
Original shifter link will be included
• Triumph Factory Belly Pan Cover (Phantom Black)
(no original parts removed)
• Motodynamic smoked rear tail light with sequential turn signals and Triple Blink for Saftey during braking(see video)
Original Tail light will be included
• Fender eliminator with license plate light
Original fender will be included
• Triumph Original Tail Bag with (2) waterproof cover
(no original parts removed)
• Front and rear bike stands
(no original parts removed)
• 2 New OEM oil filters and Drain plug washers

I have included all the parts to the best of my knowledge, some more may be included as I shuffle through some boxes. The bike has both original keys and manuals that came with purchase. Lastly, if the inquiring minds are wondering why I'm selling this beautiful machine that has never let me down in the 19k plus miles I have owned it--it is because I have become busier with other activities such as racing and working on a vintage truck. I am no longer able to ride it as much as I did in the past and would rather have it go to a good home and have someone else that can appreciate it more than I have time the time to.

Images can be found here:

Start up and exhaust while stationary

Brake Light and Turn Signal

Turn Signal - Slow Motion


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