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Help please - wiring for GIVI top box on a 2014 Tiger sport

Hello all - hope someone can advise.
I have a 2014 Tiger Sport with a Givi rack and top box.

I have since purchased and fitted the auto connect kit from Givi which provides power to the additional brake light in the top box. Well it should but it does not work at the moment.

I have obviously selected the wrong two wires so I am hoping if someone could advise which colour wires I should splice into.

Much appreciated.


I am reasonable competent in basic maintenance and accessory fitments. For example I fitted a TomTom sat nav taking the power by splicing into the sidelights (great advice from Forchetto). I did not want it mounted to the handlebars so bolted a RAM mount to the cockpit fairing - pleased with the result - see attached picture.


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