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Guys and Gals,

We are very excited about the addition of our new brand Triumph Motorcycles to the vehicle lineup at Fun Bike Center Motorsports in Lakeland. Already I have fallen in love with many of the 2013 models and of course many of the vintage bikes that our customers have brought in for us to see and enjoy.

This bike in particular is extra special. Only 100 of these Special Edition Speed Triples were made and I personally love to have something that not many others do. To my knowledge, there are less than 10 of these currently still available in the United States for sale, and one of them is right here in Lakeland, FL. Check out these pics and let me know your thoughts. Of course you'll never be able to fully appreciate the bike just by its looks as you know. If you have ridden a Speed Triple or own one please share your thoughts.

Something Special: Triumph Introduces New Special Edition Speed Triple

The Speed Triple SE features a unique new look, with Matte Blue stripes laid over Matte Graphite paint. A distinctive blue frame and blue rim stripes add even more visual appeal, while the color-matched fly screen, belly pan and seat cowl come standard. Finishing touches include a carbon fiber front fender, tank cover panel and inner radiator panels, as well as a new gray and black saddle design.


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