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2009 Bonneville & Bonneville T100 pricing w/ buying review SF,SAN JOSE,MOUNTAIN VIEW

i have never purchased a motorcycle before and i am the type to do some homework. i tried looking online for dealer invoice prices, references to other peoples OTD deals, reviews and any youtube stuff. the whole nine yards. OBVIOUSLY i landed with triumph and originally with a 2009 Bonneville and then later changed my mind to a Bonneville T100. but first let me describe my experience.

I began with Moto italiano and the service sucked. it sucked bad. the woman told me carbs were easier to work on than efi's and obviously tried to ease off the 08's on me right away when i was clear in wanting an 09' and honest in my ignorance for motorcycles and i feel she tried to take advantage of that. anyeway, she lost interest after that and it seemed to me that maybe she couldnt make a whole lot of money on 09's since the "mark up" isnt much to play with and i didnt seem worth her time. AGAIN, this was just my feeling. asked for her to get back to me on a price for a new 09 under the MSRP. she said she would get to me in a day or two and never followed up with me. i wasnt surprised.

then went to (****ty) california triumph/bmw of mountain view.and salesman Jack tried to pawn off the 09 bonneville at MSRP cost for an OTD price just over $10,000 what a guy right? (edited) in my opinion. typical (edited) sales guy. pathetic. i gave him my number and he never called me back to offer me something else or get my interest. i was interested in fincancing, or paying cash. i had a permit but no license yet. he knew all this and NEVER followed up with any sort of attempt to close the sale in my best interest.

Then i went to monroe motors in san francisco. AWESOME service from a guy named Jeff. he gave me some pricing cutting the ******** and getting me under 9 thousand with 2 discounted accessories which together totaled about $120 at retail, these were included in the price. i went to lunch and i called a friend who worked at ****ty california triumph bmw mountain view and told him the scoop & he told me to buy.i dont know how..but Jack, (edited) salesman must have heard my name or the pricing/motorcycle type and called me right back to "see how i was doing." i told him what i was doing and he immediately knocked of over $1200 and offered me the same price for the same motorcycle at 8980 OTD(this is the bonneville price, not the bonneville T100 i eventually ended up getting). he gave me a bunch of soft talking "give us a chance to gain ur trust and give u what u want" that kind of horse**** (edited) never offered anything like this the first time i was there.i went back to monroe and told him about jacks offer and he knocked off another $100. so he priced a new bonneville(entry level model) for 8880. i wanted to put 5K down and then finance but it wasnt going to work i would come back to buy in cash. within 1 and a half weeks i ended up deciding i wanted a bonneville T100. i called jeff and he says "theres a little more mark up and wiggle room on the T100 so we can knock a little more off than the standard bonneville, but hey, i gotta make money too man" i totally understand and respect that honesty and i tell him ill be by soon. i visit 1 week later and we talk pricing.basically,he just took the same amount haggled off on the standard bonne, and applied that same amount on the bonneville T100.NOT the extra he could slice off due to the mark up. so this was the first time i was(edited) to by jeff and he even played the whole "im making NOTHING" on this" scenario/card, even tho he completely contradicted himself earlier in the week on the phone saying there was more margin on the T100's but i think he forgot telling me that,leaving the 09 T100 price at 9980.i asked about a sidebag and he factored it in the pricing with the sidebag coming in pairs of 2(as if i wasnt aware they could be sold singly) i asked for just one but he still wrote the deal as coming with 2 saddlebags because he "didnt know how much it was for just 1" (edited). labor wasnt included and it just progressively got worse. i agreed with the secret intention of just getting the motorcycle ONLY and getting accessories somewhere else because i am IMMEDIATELY pissed at being lied to ESPECIALLY by sales people. i told him i would be back the 8th of may to buy in cash.

in the interim, i was looking for a jacket called a Triumph Madison in size 42. i went to ****ty (****) triumph/bmw of mountain view because they had this jacket and i remember seeing my size there. i went there and they did not have it on the shelf. i asked a (edited) looking man if they had it in size 42. he said he would check and in about 4 seconds of playing around on a computer which he probably faked, he made a big show saying "sooooold OOOOOUUUUT, nope, sorry they are discontinued. not making them anymore" i said ok and left. i went online and looked around and saw a site that DID have them in stock(lucky me) from a place called, so i placed an order and got an email from John(i will leave the last name out but the first name is accurate) stating it was going to be mailed to me in "about 8 days." so im SO happy! i then realize after reading the full email, that this calmoto site is actually ****ty california triumph/bmw of mountain view's website!!!???!!!??? so i call in, ask for John, get him on the phone and ask him if he remembers me asking for the 42, he says yes and i say i placed an order and i asked him y he said he didnt have any. he said "they were uhm, just uh, a few i had around. just...laying around here that i just found, so i uhm, got it. LAST ONE!!" i ask why he didnt look for me the first time and he says he didnt even know he had it. so i ask if i can pick it up. he says no unfortunately its being shipped from triumph....

...i unfortunately, missed that contradiction in the conversation and i told him i felt a little uncomfortable with the situation and would like to cancel my order. he said i would be charged a 20% restocking fee. i asked if it was even shipped and he said yes. i told him he just emailed me 10 minutes ago so how would he know and he said it wouldnt matter the cost will be passed to me. i told him i would willingly take the jacket then, not to cancel the order, but i would be not purchasing my motorcycle from (edited) Jack(keep in ind, john saw me a while ago talking to jack about getting a motorcycle so he was under the impression i WAS getting one from jack). he said "whyy nooot? i dont understand why" i explained that i wasnt feeling like i was being treated as a valued customer and he said he didnt know y. i recapped the situation and he told me, "the person who does the online stuff has a different system than if you come here to the counter and ask for gear" i asked y he said it was discontinued and sold out then and he got VERY rude and aggressive saying "i just explained to you y!!! the online system is different!!" i inquired why my money is good and worth checking into online, but not in person at the store and asked who the person was that did the online order taking/system management and i think he was caught up in lying to me and getting frustrated at me painting him into a corner with his own words because he quickly and vehemently shot back "MMEEEEEEEE!!!!" i think he then realized he had come full circle as a complete liar, and i then mentioned to him that it was HIM who confirmed my email, HIM who said the were originally out of stock/discontinued/sold out, HIM who said it was another person who does online orders and checks a different system..but HIM who WAS that person, and therefore has the same system to look at(by his own admission saying "ME!") to check inventory of jackets and then asked him why he was lying to me. he said "excuse me what did you just say??" i asked why was he lying to me and he then HUNG UP on me, Very hard hang up. hahaha.
less than 28 minutes later, my order was canceled via an email (edited) John. i have emails if anyone needs confirmation. (edited)

Coincidentally, i went back to moto italiano to look at helmets and learn there was a change of ownership within the last 2/3 weeks and the service in my visit then, was incredible! i went back a few times with the same service and i mentioned my current deal with monroe for 9980 and the new owner Graham said he would match it or beat it. which he DID. JUST.LIKE.THAT. DONE. he beat the price and it wanst by 2, 3, 50 or 100 dollars. it was more than that. plus, HUGE discounts on a whole new set of tins, and exhaust with free labor. i will be buying more accessories so i will be a moto italiano customer from now on. i will be customizing even more and they will make LOTS of money off of me. Graham was awesome because he would show me EVERYTHING on the bikes, and compare with excellent examples. ask if i was ok with everything and didnt make it feel like a sale. he made it feel like two buddies putting together a great idea. the woman who was in my opinion rude and careless towards me actually apologized if she came off that way and said sorry to me and everything. i was really blown away. they gave me a coffee mug and a t shirt on the house after i put my deposit down which they asked ME to decide on as long as i was comfortable leaving it. it was incredible. great service. please keep in mind, Graham is a new owner and needs stories like these to get people in. my quote isnt specified for a reason, so people dont hound him for the same price. i can tell you, this is an extreme situation and these sorts of prices are NOT typical when buying a motorcycle. he did it for all the right reasons and im positive he will not be doing it again. at least not ANY time soon.

to be ranked.

1.Moto Italiano

2.Monroe Motors

3.lousy (edited) california triumph/bmw of mountain view
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