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My 2008 Bonnie has an interesting problem with the indicators. The right hand indicators are on permanently and won't turn off. Not flashing, just solid amber on all the time. Turns off when I turn the ignition off though.

The left hand indicators work as normal.

I've had a look at the flasher relay & it clicks as normal when the left turn is operated, but there's no sound when I try & do the same with the right. Its a three connector type of flasher relay made by Hella. Numbers on the flasher are as follows: 4DB 003 750-36 / 2(4)x10W12V. There's another reference number on there too - PA6-GF30.

I've also tried removing the flasher relay altogether and the right hand bulbs are still lit, but this time no left hand indicators work at all.

Any help with this would be much appreciated!

Cheers guys!
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