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I got a 2007 Tiger with 32k miles and a couple previous owners, noticed some really clanky sounding chain rattle over bumps and

Turns out the Rubbing Strip, Chain (T2053560) had disintegrated and only had the top piece just floating there and held in place by the chain rotating forward and keeping tension on the rear-ward clip.

Top is old, bottom is new.


I did NOT have to remove the swingarm! Here's what I did.

  1. Remove seat, left fairing(s), left rearset heel guard thing, and chain guard
  2. Remove rear shock top bolt, pop the shock back out of the U-shaped housing
  3. Raise the rear up so swingarm is perpendicular to the frame, giving you more space on top/bottom to squeeze the replacement through
  4. Remove the top rubber padding from the swingarm, it's just a press-fit rubber indent
  5. Apply force, pain, and persistence to get the replacement between the frame and above/below the swingarm
  6. Profit
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