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I am about to order a new aftermarket chain for the Sprint today, but I am reading conflicting information on the length I should get it cut to.....

This is the a 2006 Sprint ST 1050 with stock sprocket sizes 19/42. I believe 106 links is correct for me to order, can anyone confirm? I have read both 106 and 108 links in various places, for example, the "Aftermarket Part Page" says 108. Is that 108 for the 19/43 combo of another year Sprint? Maybe the page should be updated if in fact 106 applies to the 19/42 OEM configuration?

Also outside of the tabbed locknut on the front sprocket, are there any other recommended "to be replaced" parts in the swapout of the front/rear sprockets?

No I do not want to change the gearing at this time.

Thanks for the help.
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