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The bike has a long 'rebuild' history and I'm chasing down the last of its issues. Basic setup is; 20529 MAP, SAI and o2 sensor in tact, HP Corse low slip on exhaust. TPS and throttle bodies are dialed. All new sensors, fuel pump/filter, injectors, plugs/coils, wiring harness/ECU, R/R. Stator and starter are only two peripheral items yet to be replaced.

Bike is 06. Replacement motor is 08. ECU is 07 with VIN not fully visible/in tact (last 6 are 286...?).

Based on conversations with DEcosse, the 20529 is the best MAP even though I'm running a single low slip on pipe. It clearly needs adjustment down low. It is stalling off the line and starving for fuel. Surging/hesitation below 3500rpm. How/what/where do I adjust?? See attached for current MAP.

Any info for this analog blacksmith would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Screenshot_20200723-164753_TuneECU.jpg
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