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2006 Bike Show - NEC, UK

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Went to the bike show yesterday with a few of my mates - good stuff (apart from the awful food and price of beer!). The Triumph stand was ok, it certainly got better when some model type started draping herself all over a speed tripple!, however it would have been nice to have seen a concept of the new daytona/800 wsb if it is going to happen.
The new Tiger was nice, but I found myself strangely drawn to a Buelle Firebolt, but that was probably as another model type was draped over it... :razz:
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Sadly, Triumph will be on the sidelines watching the racing world go by. The only 800 MotoGP being built in England is made by a little ol' engineering company.
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Bloody hell not this Ilmor thing again.

Just for Info Triumph are supporting racers. Anyone who wants to race can get a cheap bike from Triumph and the tuning parts. They just have to register or something like that. In a nutshell Triumph support the privateers but don't have a factory team.

Now I love Triumph I'm British and sadly Triumph is about the only volume vehicle manufacturer we have left that is owned by Brits. Now look at Ducati or Aprillia. Both who go racing both who are a similar size company to Triumph. Whats happened to them? Financial crisis after financial crisis and they've been bought and sold as a commodity to the highest bidder. I for one don't want to see that happen to Triumph so no I don't want to see em pour money down the toilet of Moto GP. I want em to stay British and continue making a good product.
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