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2004 OSF Rearsets on 2006 S3

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Just ebayed a set of OSF rearsets for a 2004 S3 from SMF cycles for my 2006.
Got 'em for a good price, tried on the brake side and fits no problem but a brake switch banjo is needed (ordered) and the fluid tank pipe needs to be longer.
Had to get some shim plate as the the supplied shims were insufficient to minimise the levers' endfloat and a couple of countersunk bolts to fit the pedal stubs.
The bit that clamps on the gearbox selector output shaft is threaded all the way and needs drilling out to 6mm on ONE side of the split in order to clamp properly. It's also a casting and was a wee bit rough so good excuse to polish it up....
Later I'll be trying out the gear change side, but seems it would fit.
Pics will come hopefully when I fit them.
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I bought a pair direct from SMF for my 04 and I still had to do everything that you listed. I sent them back. I paid full price and wasn't about to modify them. When I talked to SFM (nice guys) they said they fited them on another 04 with no problems. But I couldn't get the threads to match up with out drilling them out.
<BR>Glad you found a deal and made them work, they looked very cool.

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