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Salc, welcome to the forum.

Before you go tearing it apart. It's worth checking a few things.

1) When you draw out the dip stick, is it clear oil? Or is it kind of brown and milky? If the latter, head gasket.
2) With the coolant, does it use a lot? If so how much?
3) You mention oil around the head gasket, are you sure it's not the tappet cover gasket? They sometimes seep around the half round rubber part of the seal. Some people mix up the tappet cover gasket with the head gasket.
4) How hot does it get? Did the gauge ever get into the red and stay there? Usually, with EFI bikes, the orange check engine light will come on if the ECU detects a problem, as in continual overheating. It will remain on for more than three starts if the problem isn't recitified. If it's got too hot, the ECU reader at your dealer will be able to tell you by reading the error codes.
5) If the guage didn't get into the red, you should be quite OK, providing the coolant system is OK. There have been odd occasions when the coolant system is re-filled, that there is an airlock, causing slighly higher running temps, but it shouldn't cause an over heat.
6) Replace the radiator cap with a new genuine, or same as genuine cap. Sometimes these fail and allow coolant to escape, making you think it's escaping into the engine.
7) It may also be worth doing a compression test to see if there is any compression leakage.

Usually my 05 Tiger runs in the middle of the gauge during heaving traffic and the fan stays on, even after I turn off the engine. Out on the highway it gets a little cooler, down to about 1/4 of the guage. I'd only be tearing things down if it really did get into the high-red mark and stay there, causing you to get towed home, but if it went up, then back down again, I'd not be overly concerned. Look for the simple things first.

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