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This moto would not crank with the start button. When the key was on and the solonoid was jumped, across the load circuit side direct to the starter(used a wrench) and the key on, it would fire up and run, strong at that. I figured it was a safety switch, or possibly a cutout relay or something like that. I installed a Circuit inturrupter switch in the control side of the solonoid, straight to the battery and the ground and solonoid. It worked. The bike will turnover with the aftermarket circuit inturrupter switch, but it will not run. There are a few codes generated now. P1231 - Fuel pump secondary circuit
and P0230 - Fuel pump relay circuit malfunction. Could someone please tell me about these codes?

Last time it ran, after jumping the solonoid, the fuel pump was disconnected from the power source while running, obviously it died off instantly. Could this have caused a problem with the ecm, or the fuel system management? I can hear the pump running on key turn, but I cannot confirm if there is adequate fuel pressure.
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