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Hey everyone. I need to get new front brake lines. I am getting HEL front brakes, but of course, nobody knows what model or way to go because they get confused when they look in the catalog and see Daytona, Speed Triple, ST, etc etc T590, T595, T1000, Txxxx. So, I need to get the measurements to make sure I get the correct length. Since my bike is not going to be in my possession for a little while, I was hoping someone might have a front brake line in the garage or on their bike and can measure it for me? That would be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking for the measurement from master to right caliper, then from right to left caliper. I need to add some on top of that, because the bar risers that came with my bike are stretching things TOO tight and I don't have stock bars to return to.

Please let me know!! Thanks!
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