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2003 anniversary edition?

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I have been shopping around for a 955 daytona(sold my sprint) and just came across one. It is tornado red 2003 with white wheels and a SSSA. I have never seen this before, it is so hot. does anyone know about this?

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Hey trafficfixr,

Nice ride, man! I saw that on E-bay a couple days ago. It looks just like mine, except for the wheels. If I'm not mistaken, the Red CE's have an extra sticker on the top front side of the tank...something like two flags crossed up maybe. E-Mail Triumph with the VIN and they should be able to help you.

BTW, those white rims look awesome.....would look even better if the frame and swingarm were powder coated white too....dang- that WOULD be badazz!

Nice ride, bro. Keep it safe & enjoy!

All the 03 Tonas had CF inserts on them (thus, making them the best years ever :-D )

As for gearing q's...I initially dropped the front from the 18 tooth to the 17 tooth. I liked it, but wanted more low-end grunt. I went ahead and put a 44 tooth on the rear and WHOA! What a difference!

My rationalization was simple. I don't go balls out mach 10 on the highway, so losing some top end wasn'ta big deal for me. Also, most of my riding is devoted to tearing up twisty bits, so the low end grunt seemed like a natural fit...and it was!

My opinion...go for the sprocket change. the 17/44 combo (for me anyway) seemed to really liven up the bike, putting the useable torque and HP in a better spot.

Hope this all helps, and congrats again on a really great looking 03!


P.S. Good choice on color, btw. Red adds at least another 20 ponies to the ride!!!

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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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