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2003 anniversary edition?

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I have been shopping around for a 955 daytona(sold my sprint) and just came across one. It is tornado red 2003 with white wheels and a SSSA. I have never seen this before, it is so hot. does anyone know about this?

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Well I think you guys are right after further investigation. It is not a CE. It does however have all the CE stuff, sssa, carbon fiber inserts, blah blah blah.
As for the wheels, thats how the bike came originally, i have never seen that before either. But thats what the original owner said.

Either way, i am psyched to own it and cant wipe the stoooooopid grin off my face since i picked it up. :-D
yes it does. I changed the stock 19 toother on my Sprint to an 18 and loved it. I have read that the Tona has an 18 already and some people go to a 17. i think. :???: i would have to think about that one. The front end comes up so fast already in first, wouldnt that make it worse? I havent been in bumper to bumper traffic yet, that will be a deciding factor as well. The Sprint was brutal before the sprocket swap in traffic, it wanted to idle at 12 or 13 mph in first.
I am open to input, please share.
On 2006-11-21 15:19, 955iLimited wrote:
Who's viper is in the background on the eBay pic. Nice ride. Oh and the Tona looks sweet also. Super clean. How do you like your 2 Bros?
I really like the two brothers. I had the CF high mount on my Sprint St before the Daytona and loved that too. To tell you the truth, i have never heard a 955 with an aftermarket can on it that didnt sound awsome. I think its just personal preference.
I have ridden with ChefJPD on his Sprint RS that has a Wolf pipe on it and that sounds great too. It does have a deeper tone than the Two Bro's though.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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